Bustos Law Firm


This is a little about us… (as well as some necessary legalese)

The Law Offices of Fernando M. Bustos, P.C. of Lubbock, Texas, hopes you find this blog interesting. Because of the diversity of our practice areas, we figured a blog would be a cool place to educate people on interesting areas of law we run into and to share our stories. We hope you find our posts as interesting (and often times entertaining) as we do!

We are situated in downtown Lubbock, Texas across the street from the Federal and State courthouses.  The view of these two impressive courthouses remind us of the importance of the work we do and the people and communities we serve.  Our practice areas are diverse, covering everything from federal and state litigation, receiverships, commercial and contract law, probate, products liability, securities, investment fraud, real estate, intellectual property, energy (both from the ground and above it), employment law and practices, and immigration.  Needless to say, from this diversity of practice we are exposed to very interesting areas of law — and that is what we hope to share with you.  Below you will find a link to our firm’s website, which contains our contact information.   We enjoy meeting and helping new people — so do not hesitate to contact us at anytime! 

Of course, the information on this web site is not intended as legal advice. Instead, the purpose of this web site is to serve as an online blog and newsletter and is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is very important that you seek the advice of an attorney before you act on any information contained on this web site.

This blog does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and the Law Offices of Fernando M. Bustos, P.C. nor is it intended to do so. Really, we just hope you learn something new and are entertained. Also, please understand that contacting us via telephone, written mail, or electronic e-mail — or even commenting on one of our posts — does not mean you have established an attorney-client relationship with the Law Offices of Fernando M. Bustos, P.C. Therefore, do not send any confidential information to us until an attorney-client relationship has been established.

Thanks for reading — and enjoy!


  1. Having worked in both legal and non-profit fields, I appreciate your efforts to educate the public on legal issues that effect all of us and each of us as individuals.

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